What we are all about

Harris Appellate Law Office has an extensive focus on appellate law. Mrs. Harris’ over two decades of appellate experience includes the drafting of appellate briefs and presentation of oral argument in federal court as well as the Florida Supreme and the district courts of Florida.  Mrs. Harris has in-depth knowledge of appellate court procedures.

Harris Appellate Law Office handles appeals in a variety of areas of law.  Mrs. Harris has handled appeals involving business and corporate law and complex litigation cases which include breach of contract, real estate transactions and other property rights cases.  Mrs. Harris also has considerable experience handling family law appeals, including equitable distribution, support and paternity issues.

Mrs. Harris also provides trial support to trial lawyers in complex litigation matters.  Preserving the record is of primary importance for success on appeal.  The failure to properly present your legal argument before the trial court can result in a waiver of the issue on appeal.  A thorough and comprehensive analysis of both the facts of your case and the applicable laws is critical for developing legal issues, preparing your case for court and safeguarding a favorable ruling.  Harris Appellate Law Office offers trial support in every area of trial preparation, including the drafting of motions, both pre-trial and post-trial, as well as attending the trial itself.    Mrs. Harris works closely with trial lawyers to develop litigation strategies that best serve the client’s objectives

Mrs. Harris has also been qualified as an expert witness in cases seeking an award of appellate attorney’s fees.   Mrs. Harris has testified regarding the reasonableness of attorney’s fees incurred, examining both the reasonableness of the attorney’s hourly rate as well as the reasonableness of the hours expended.